X-Pac Says He Is Open To Wrestling Another Match

X-Pac, the WWE Hall of Famer, is prepared and willing to return to the wrestling ring should the right opportunity arise. He shared this during a recent appearance on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet. When inquired about his current well-being, Waltman expressed that he’s feeling fit and healthy after recovering from a torn bicep injury sustained in 2022.

“I feel healthy. Yeah. And life is great,” X-Pac said. “I think since we had that conversation, I had a match, and I tore my bicep. The thing is like, I had that next match planned, and instead of just getting my arm fixed, like any normal, sane person would have. My doctor was telling me you got to get this done right away. Sorry, I just kind of took over this thing right away.”

When questioned about the possibility of making a return to the ring for another match, Waltman affirmed that he’s been actively training and believes he could excel in a six-man tag match or a similar wrestling format.

“Oh yeah, most definitely,” X-Pac confirmed. “I’ve been training, feeling good. I’m not saying another run or anything like that. But like, if I needed to be in a match like a six-man or something like that. I could kill it. I could do all the stuff I used to do.”


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