Big Randy Orton Update

Randy Orton’s presence has been noted at the WWE Performance Center, as reported by Fightful Select.

WWE sources have confirmed that Randy Orton has been spending time at the Performance Center this week. This development hasn’t been kept under wraps, and yesterday, Cassidy of Bodyslam informed Sean Ross Sapp that Randy Orton’s bus had already parked at the WWE PC.

While at the Performance Center, Orton has been hitting the gym, and according to reports, he’s been making significant progress in terms of his physique in a positive way. However, it’s important to note that as of early August, he had not resumed his in-ring training. Despite various rumors suggesting Orton was on the verge of a return at that time, both WWE sources and official statements repeatedly emphasized that Orton was not cleared for a return.

Randy Orton has been vocal about his determination to make a comeback to the wrestling ring after undergoing back fusion surgery.

In WWE, there’s a strict rule that requires talents, whether returning or newly arriving, to engage in some form of training at the Performance Center. Cody Rhodes mentioned in a recent interview with Fightful that this rule is indeed a reality, and not even legends like The Undertaker could bypass it when necessary.

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