Major WWE Contract Set To Expire Soon

Another significant contract in the world of professional wrestling is set to reach its conclusion in 2024, as reported by Fightful Select.

According to Fightful Select’s sources, the veteran WWE Superstar Sheamus is currently under contract with WWE, with that deal set to expire in 2024. This situation mirrors that of several other wrestling icons, including Becky Lynch and Drew McIntyre. While the exact date of Sheamus’ contract termination isn’t officially confirmed, WWE insiders speculate that it may come to an end either in the first quarter or the first half of 2024, although the complexity of pro wrestling contracts means that extensions are always possible.

It’s worth noting that WWE entered into a wave of new five-year contracts with many of its talents in 2019. However, even contracts negotiated after that period are slated to conclude in or around the year 2024.

Sheamus boasts an illustrious career within WWE, having clinched four World Titles, won a Royal Rumble, secured the Money in the Bank briefcase, and earned the prestigious King of the Ring crown. Additionally, he’s been part of title matches at WrestleMania, solidifying his legacy as a wrestling icon. As he approaches potential free agency, Sheamus will be 46 years old, leaving fans and insiders eager to see what the future holds for this accomplished wrestler.

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