Strap Match To Take Place On NXT 26/9

Eddy Thorpe is ready to embrace his inner beast.
For the past few weeks, Eddy Thorpe has been embroiled in a heated rivalry with Dijak. While Dijak managed to secure two victories over Thorpe, one of those wins came with a controversial loaded glove. The tension escalated on the September 12 episode of WWE NXT when Dijak took things to the extreme by using a belt to assault a tree, a symbol of Thorpe’s sacred ground. In the midst of this, Dijak encouraged Thorpe to tap into his untamed side.

In response to Dijak’s provocation on the September 19 episode of WWE NXT, Thorpe acknowledged that Dijak was implying he possessed a savage nature, and he admitted that there might indeed be a primal side within him. Thorpe didn’t back down from the challenge; instead, he threw down the gauntlet by proposing a Strap Match against Dijak, although he left the location for this showdown unspecified.

WWE has since officially confirmed that Eddy Thorpe will square off against Dijak in a Strap Match, set to take place on the September 26 episode of WWE NXT.

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