Update On International Star Heading To AEW

AEW may be on the verge of signing an international wrestling sensation with ties to WWE, expanding their already impressive roster across Dynamite, Rampage, Collision, and ROH. During a recent discussion on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer mentioned that Mariah May, formerly associated with Stardom, has concluded her tenure with the promotion. Mariah May, a 25-year-old talent who entered the wrestling scene in 2018 before making her way to Stardom in 2022, had a notable run as a Goddess of Stardom Champion alongside Mina Shirakawa during her time there.

Meltzer mentioned that Mariah May has recently returned to England amid discussions about her potential move to AEW, although he hasn’t provided confirmation. He speculates that she might have options with both AEW and WWE. Intriguingly, it’s worth noting that she had a previous association with WWE, where she worked as a model for their merchandise some years ago.

“So she finished up with Stardom yesterday. She is done. And she went back to England, which is where she’s from. Does that mean WWE? Does that mean AEW? Does that mean somebody else? I don’t know. I know there was talk of AEW with her, but I haven’t heard any confirmation from anyone. But she’s improved greatly. She’s got a great look. And I know that she’s someone who was a model for WWE merchandise many years back before she became a pro wrestler. And she’s someone whose dream was WWE. But, if she got a great or good offer from AEW, she would probably go. So expect her. I would say expect her somewhere. She’s got the potential to be a big star, I think. Stardom was well aware that someone like her would be there for a finite length of time. But Saturday was her last show.”

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