Following the “DESTRUCTION in KOBE” show, all eyes are now firmly set on October 9th the final stop of the “DESTRUCTION” tour, when the stage shifts to the hallowed Ryogoku Sumo Hall. It is there that EVIL will issue a formal challenge for the coveted IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, a title that rightfully belongs to SANADA.

The match was already set but, during a special press conference held just last week, SANADA made a unique request, proposing that their impending showdown be changed into a Lumberjack match. His rationale? To ensure fairness from the outset, as the looming presence of HOUSE OF TORTURE members suggested they might interfere (as they always do). EVIL initially took this proposal “under consideration,” but ultimately, at “DESTRUCTION in KOBE” this past sunday, he accepted the challenge.

Of course, EVIL’s acceptance comes at a time when SANADA’s championship reign has never been more uncertain. At the Kobe event, Yoshinobu Kanemaru made a shocking defection from Just Five Guys to align himself with HOUSE OF TORTURE, reuslting in Just Five Guys to be only 4 guys once again. Adding to the turmoil, Kanemaru’s betrayal has left Taichi so emotionally rattled that he’s taken a leave of absence. As the dust settles, it appears that EVIL and HOUSE OF TORTURE hold a five-to-three numerical advantage heading into Ryogoku. The question on everyone’s minds: Can SANADA overcome the odds and vanquish the King of Darkness?

Moving on, a recent addition to the Ryogoku card features an 8-man tag team battle that pits Los Ingobernables De Japon against the formidable United Empire. This was added after the reuslts of the Kobe show which saw, Shingo Takagi displaying his prowess by defeating a tenacious Great-O-Khan, while Tetsuya Naito secured his spot in the main event at the January 4, 2024 Tokyo Dome with a triumphant victory over Jeff Cobb. Simultaneously, Yota Tsuji, despite falling just short of capturing the IWGP UK Championship against Will Ospreay, earned widespread acclaim for his remarkable performance. Even in defeat, Tsuji’s stock skyrocketed, and he now aspires to swiftly regain his momentum on the path to Wrestle Kingdom. It appears that Tsuji might aim to shine as the standout star in this thrilling eight-man showdown continuing the LIJ vs. United Empire clash we have had over the past month.

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