REPORT: AEW Star Hasn’t Been Booked In 8 Months Due To Backstage Heat

Serena Deeb has been notably absent from AEW TV since October 2022, and it seems her absence is linked to some backstage issues within All Elite Wrestling. Discussing Deeb’s situation on Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez commented:

“I haven’t gotten an answer either. But like something happened, there was some sort of heat over something. So whatever it was, I mean, she’s just not being used. So there you go. I don’t know if she is officially on the roster.”

Dave Meltzer added: “I haven’t even heard them even hint about her name or anything. It feels like forever.”

The reasons behind Serena Deeb’s backstage issues in AEW remain undisclosed. It was reported eight months into her hiatus, back in June, that she had not been present backstage for a considerable period, and there were no discussions about her future plans within the company.

Serena Deeb joined AEW in 2020, shortly after her departure from a coaching role in WWE. During her time with AEW, she was a prominent figure on their television programming until she took her hiatus.

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