Top Free Agent No Longer Expected To Sign With WWE Or AEW

Neither AEW nor WWE have immediate plans to sign a prominent international star, despite recent rumors suggesting one such star may become available. Mariah May, who currently competes in Stardom, is set to conclude her tenure with the promotion this Saturday and will then return to England to explore her future opportunities.

The 25-year-old wrestler began her career in 2018 and joined Stardom in 2022, where she achieved recognition as a Goddess of Stardom Champion alongside Mina Shirakawa. Notably, May also has previous experience in modeling for WWE merchandise.

According to Dave Meltzer’s remarks on Wrestling Observer Radio, May has communicated to Stardom that she has no intentions of joining AEW or WWE at this time.

“So the basic thing I think I said Saturday was her last match. It is actually this coming Saturday, which is the pay-per-view with the finals of the five-star Grand Prix. So that is her last match with Stardom. And she is leaving. She’s going back to England, and she may come back. It’s not like for sure she’s not coming back. She told the company that she’s not going to WWE or AEW and that the door is open for her to come back if she wants to. So that’s the status. I think a lot of people thought that she was going to AEW for sure. And she may be, but it doesn’t it doesn’t appear to be for sure because she left the door open with Stardom. But Saturday is her last day with Stardom this coming Saturday on their five-star Grand Prix finals.”

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