Butch Wins NXT Global Heritage Invitational

Butch’s destiny awaits as he emerged victorious over Joe Coffey in the NXT Global Heritage Invitational Tournament finals. This earned him the opportunity to challenge Noam Dar for the NXT Heritage Cup Championship at NXT No Mercy.

This pivotal showdown unfolded on September 26, with Butch overcoming interference from Gallus members to secure the win with his signature move, The Bitter End. The journey now takes Butch to Bakersfield, California, marking Dar’s first cup defense in five weeks since the tournament began. It also marks Butch’s inaugural pursuit of this championship rooted in NXT UK.

Previously known as Pete Dunne, Butch had held the NXT UK Championship before making a permanent move to America, thus marking this as his debut attempt at the NXT Heritage Cup. Should Butch triumph over Noam Dar on September 30, it will signify his first championship victory under the moniker “Butch.”

Photo Credit: WWE

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