Thea Hail Reveals New Look And Entrance On NXT 9/26

A fresh chapter has begun in Thea Hail’s journey. Recently, Thea Hail, formerly known as Chase U’s standout student, found herself disillusioned with Andre Chase, blaming him for her loss to NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton at NXT Great American Bash. This frustration led to a transformation in Thea’s persona as she distanced herself from Andre Chase and formed a bond with Jacy Jayne. Their outing for a shopping spree on the September 19 episode of WWE NXT marked the first glimpse of the new Thea Hail.

During a backstage conversation with Chase and Duke Hudson, Thea made a bold statement by wearing attire that was a departure from her traditional Chase U outfit. She expressed feeling like a “grown-ass woman” for the first time. This transformation was further emphasized by her debut of a new entrance video and song, all leading up to her victorious match against Dani Palmer. This successful start marks the beginning of a new era in Thea Hail’s career.

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