Update On Rick Knox Having “Heavy Heat” On Him Currently Backstage In AEW

As per Fightful Select, the conclusion of the AEW Dynamite International Title match took an unexpected turn. Following the Jon Moxley vs. Rey Fenix encounter, reports indicated that Moxley suffered an early injury in the match, with many believing that the highly criticized piledriver wasn’t the primary cause. Despite this setback, Moxley left the ring on his own, receiving medical attention from the BCC and Tony Khan, who were satisfied with his condition.

However, the complications didn’t end there. A decision was made on the fly during the match, resulting in Rey Fenix becoming the AEW International Champion. This not only altered the match’s outcome but also had immediate implications for AEW Dynamite and potentially WrestleDream.

Fightful’s sources revealed that originally, a non-AEW wrestler was slated to appear on AEW Dynamite and challenge Jon Moxley for WrestleDream. However, this plan was scrapped due to the change in match result, and the identity of the intended challenger remains undisclosed.

Furthermore, Fightful received feedback from several talents within the company expressing their positive sentiments toward referee Rick Knox. However, there was also significant internal heavy heat on Knox, as this incident wasn’t the first of its kind.

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