Major Update On Adam Cole’s Injury

According to Fightful Select, Adam Cole recently confirmed that he had to undergo surgery, but despite his statement, there were doubts circulating about the legitimacy of his injury.

In the world of professional wrestling, skepticism often arises regarding the authenticity of injuries, and this situation was no exception. DPW initially announced a match between Cole and Chris Danger following the injury, only to later declare it canceled due to Adam Cole’s injury. Additionally, the appearance of masked individuals at the end of Dynamite raised suspicions that Cole might not be genuinely injured.

However, insider information within AEW suggests that Cole’s injury is indeed legitimate, and he is scheduled for surgery, which will keep him sidelined for an extended period. Witnesses have reported seeing him wrapped and on crutches, requiring assistance with travel. This evidence strongly supports the authenticity of his injury, making it unlikely that it’s a ruse.

Our thoughts are with Adam Cole, and we wish him a swift recovery. While there was hope among the AEW roster that he had only suffered an ankle sprain, it appears that the injury is more severe. Following his hospital visit after the September 20 AEW Dynamite episode, and given his continued use of crutches, it’s uncertain whether he’ll be involved through vignettes or in upcoming shows. However, insiders suggest that we should not anticipate his return to live appearances on forthcoming Dynamite and Collisions episodes.

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