AEW Reportedly Interested In Shelton Benjamin

According to information from Fightful Select, a WWE veteran has been released by the company, and interestingly, there were supporters within All Elite Wrestling (AEW) who had expressed interest in him well before his departure. Fightful Select has learned that Shelton Benjamin had garnered the support of numerous talents within AEW, with some expressing their hopes for him to join the company in various capacities.

Notably, these sentiments were not a recent development; talent within AEW had been advocating for Benjamin to join their ranks several months ago. This interest arose during a period when there were inaccurate industry rumors suggesting that Benjamin’s contract was nearing expiration. Subsequently, it was revealed that there was still considerable time left on his contract before his eventual release.

Furthermore, Fightful Select reports that, independently of talent endorsements, AEW has been actively seeking to expand its team of producers. The goal is to reach a point where each producer can handle one match per show, indicating AEW’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its behind-the-scenes team.

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