Latest Update On CM Punk & WWE

Amidst widespread speculation about CM Punk’s potential return to WWE following his departure from All Elite Wrestling in early September, WWE has shown public interest in collaborating with the 44-year-old. WWE President Nick Khan expressed openness to a CM Punk return, wishing him well. Shawn Michaels has also expressed a desire to see Punk in NXT, emphasizing that the final decision rests beyond his authority.

However, reports suggest significant obstacles to a Punk return, as he is believed to still have tensions with certain members of WWE management. According to Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, as of today, no agreement has been reached between CM Punk and WWE. The ultimate decision on Punk’s return lies in the hands of Vince McMahon, who holds unparalleled authority within the TKO Group Holdings hierarchy and has the final say on WWE’s on-screen product.

Even if WWE were to sign CM Punk, Meltzer remains skeptical about Punk being featured on the Tuesday night show, unless his role mirrors that of Becky Lynch.

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