Latest Update On Edge Ahead Of WrestleDream Tonight

According to information from Fightful Select, Edge is asserting his status as a free agent, suggesting his departure from WWE. AEW wrestlers were reportedly anticipating Edge’s move to AEW well before his WWE contract concluded.

Even in mid-August, there were rumors circulating among AEW talent about Edge’s potential arrival. Edge himself indicated that his WWE deal, expiring on September 30, had exhausted all its matches. Despite being removed from internal active rosters, he remains on the Smackdown roster, a common occurrence until public statements on departures are issued.

In terms of licensing rights, sources mentioned by Fightful Select indicate differing views on WWE’s exclusivity to Metalingus. While one source believes WWE doesn’t hold exclusive rights, another suggests that exclusivity agreements could exist.

Notably, WWE no longer holds a license for Rob Zombie’s “Never Gonna Stop,” previously associated with Edge. Regarding the use of Alter Bridge songs, insiders suggest that Edge could likely secure permission for almost any song. However, it’s emphasized that WWE retains ownership of the name “Edge,” preventing him from using it independently.

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