Update On WWE’s Reaction To Edge Signing With AEW

Adam Copeland, formerly known as Edge, marked his All Elite Wrestling debut at WrestleDream on October 1. He intervened to aid Darby Allin and Sting during a beatdown by Christian Cage, Luchasaurus, and Nick Wayne after the main event, concluding the show with Copeland standing tall.

Reportedly becoming a full-time talent in AEW, the 49-year-old is expected to have a “significant presence” and is open to contributing in various capacities, including behind-the-scenes support. Sources reveal Copeland expressed a willingness to “fill the gap that CM Punk left behind” in terms of assisting backstage, showcasing his collaborative spirit.

While it was apparent within WWE that Edge wouldn’t extend his contract beyond September 30, his departure was on amicable terms, and he would be welcomed back if he chooses to return. The AEW reception to Copeland was overwhelmingly positive, with insiders acknowledging that his arrival was an open secret in the wrestling world.

In a surprising twist, Copeland retained his ‘Metalingus’ entrance music, as WWE never held exclusive rights to the song. Additionally, despite leaving WWE, he still retains the ‘Rated R Superstar’ moniker, as WWE allowed the trademark to lapse, and the company opted not to renew it when it became evident of his departure.

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