Mustafa Ali Was Set To Win The NXT North American Championship Before Being Released

According to Fightful Select, the WWE NXT landscape was initially set for significant changes before the recent WWE releases. Contrary to some inaccurate reports suggesting Dominik Mysterio was meant to retain over Mustafa Ali, the actual plan involved Mustafa Ali winning the NXT North American Championship prior to his release. NXT higher-ups expressed frustration over Ali’s unexpected departure.

While Dominik Mysterio was always intended to retain the NXT North American Title over Dragon Lee on the September 25 episode of WWE Raw, sources with insight into the situation revealed that the original creative envisioned Mustafa Ali costing Dragon Lee the match. This storyline would have capitalized on Ali’s teases to appear on WWE Raw. Subsequently, a triple threat match for the title was planned for NXT No Mercy, where Mustafa Ali would have emerged as the new North American champion. Although the details beyond this point remain unclear, Shawn Michaels, Mustafa Ali, and NXT creative had tentative plans for Ali’s involvement on the brand extending into March 2024.


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