Major Adam Cole Injury Update

In an unexpected turn of events during the final moments of AEW Dynamite Grand Slam on September 20, Adam Cole suffered a broken ankle in the main event. The injury occurred as Cole leaped off the ramp to rescue MJF during his AEW World Championship showdown against Samoa Joe, leading to the necessity of surgery.

Remarkably, despite the injury setback, Cole has remained a presence on AEW television. Most recently, MJF defended the ROH World Tag Team Championship against the Righteous in a handicap match at WrestleDream.

Updating fans on his injury status during a Twitch stream, Cole shared significant news, revealing that he will undergo two surgeries involving eight screws and a plate to address his ankle injury.

“My ankle is broken. When it’s all said and done, When I’m eventually able to get everything all fixed, I’m going to need to get two surgeries, and it will be a total of eight screws and a plate in my ankle. So, not ideal. It’s incredibly painful. It’s the most painful injury I’ve ever had. 

“Speaking to doctors, [it was] just an absolute freak type of thing. No idea how it happened, I’m doing my best to stay as positive as I can. Obviously, this is soul-crushing. it’s really, really a bummer. If anything, it’s more painful mentally and physically, it really really hurts as well. “

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