REPORT: WWE Have No Plans For Brian Pillman JR. Beyond Current Vignettes

WWE’s recent signings, including Nia Jax, Jade Cargill, and Brian Pillman Jr., marked the end of an unofficial hiring freeze caused by the merger with UFC. While Jax has gained prominence on Monday Night Raw and Cargill is poised for a significant push, Brian Pillman Jr. is set to join WWE NXT.

Recent vignettes on Tuesday nights have showcased Pillman Jr.’s connection to WCW Saturday Night and the Cincinnati Bengals, paying homage to his father’s legacy. Despite these vignettes airing, WWE appears to lack long-term creative plans for Pillman Jr., as reported by Haus of Wrestling.

“no real plans for the second-generation star have been discussed beyond his buzzy vignettes.”

The reason for WWE’s absence of specific plans for Pillman remains unknown, but previous reports suggest that WWE intends to let him acclimate to the Performance Center system before his debut on WWE TV. Pillman was formerly associated with All Elite Wrestling but parted ways with the promotion over the summer after his contract concluded.

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