WWE Had Major Plans For Matt Riddle & Drew McIntyre Before Riddle’s Release

On September 21, WWE executed its latest round of talent cuts, releasing several individuals from both the main roster and NXT. One of the more prominent names among those released was Matt Riddle, who had been a notable figure for WWE in recent years.

Riddle’s departure followed an incident at JFK airport, leading to an investigation into his claims. His release, a day before the others, was attributed to the company feeling he had exhausted too many opportunities.

Before his exit, Riddle teamed with Drew McIntyre on Raw, engaging in a rivalry with the New Day and Viking Raiders. Despite speculations that this partnership was a setup for Drew’s eventual heel turn, recent information from WrestleVotes suggests otherwise. WWE reportedly had ‘significant plans’ for the tag team, known as McRiddle, to the extent of creating various merchandise items with the team name.

Photo Credit: WWE

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