John Cena Reflects on LA Knight’s Soaring Success in WWE

In 2023, LA Knight has transformed into one of WWE’s most beloved superstars, making a remarkable journey from being absent at WrestleMania to partnering with John Cena at WWE Fastlane.

During an interview on WWE’s The Bump, John Cena shared his thoughts on LA Knight’s ascent, expressing how he perceives shades of himself in “The Megastar.”

“I felt great, only because it reminds me of when I started to gain a little bit of notoriety and relevance in WWE. LA Knight and my story run parallel, he kind of just refused to give up and has done it his own way, even with being an underdog and being forgotten by the people in the bowels of the arena, but not by the people in the arena cheering him on. I think what he’s done is incredible. We work so hard to get where we’re at, and this is a job that shouldn’t exist. I sit in a director’s type chair in wristbands and t-shirts, this shouldn’t be a thing. So when you get a level of consistency and you get a certain level of relevancy, you don’t want it to ever go away and I totally respect that,” he said.

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