Nakajima Comments on speculation of his future via Tokyo Sport

The wrestling fans around the world have began speculating where Katsuhiko Nakajima could wind up heading to next since the announment dropped that he would terminate his contract with Pro Wrestling NOAH. With all sorts of rumors flying around, some fans went crazy when AEW’s Tony Khan expressed his interest in brining in Nakajima at the Wrestledream post media scrum.

Nakajima has made some comments about his sistuation in Tokyo Sports about where he could end up but at the same time not giving anything away. Nakajima said the following,

“If I am going to WWE or AEW, I think I would have already announced it. Nothing has been decided, so I didn’t hold a press conference or announced it on social media.

(On many fans predicting NJPW) Because of Just Something Guys, right? Haha. As a wrestler it is nice to be expected to do so. If it means I can improve my game, it might be worth it.”

  • Katsuhiko Nakajima in today’s Tokyo Sports

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