Identity Of The Fiend At Extreme Rules 2022 Revealed

The late Windham Rotunda, acclaimed for his creative genius as The Fiend, also had artistic allies. On October 9, 2023, marking the one-year anniversary since Bray Wyatt’s return to WWE, he made a grand entrance. Prior to Wyatt’s appearance during the PLE, his Fire Fly Funhouse characters were scattered throughout the audience, including his alter ego, The Fiend, played not by a fellow wrestler but by Jason Baker.

Although perhaps not a familiar name to wrestling fans, Baker is notable in the realm of special effects, having worked under the renowned Tom Savini, celebrated for his contributions to horror films. Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Baker forged a connection with Rotunda, playing a pivotal role in bringing Wyatt’s eccentric cast of characters to life.

Photo Credit: WWE

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