John Cena Discusses Future WWE Involvement Following Potential Conclusion of SAG-AFTRA Strike

At the post-WWE Fastlane 2023 press conference, John Cena addressed media questions and offered insights into the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike.

He revealed that the strike had disrupted a project he was involved in, leading to his return to WWE. Cena emphasized that if the strike concludes, it would signal the conclusion of his current WWE stint, requiring him to resume his commitments outside the wrestling world.

“They do. I’ve made it clear that you can’t do both because of the liability insurance. If I were to try and juggle both, that’s very selfish because I would put a whole lot of people in the movie business out of work if something were to happen to me. Yes, I stopped a project in the middle of it — I can’t even talk about the project because of the strike, but we’re in the middle of it. As soon as we get back to work, we go back to work. I don’t control any of that. I’m crossing my fingers and I hope we can find a resolve everyone is happy with. For right now, I feel this is the best way I can help. To come back home to my family,” he said.

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