Kevin Nash To Undergo Surgery For Skin Cancer

In the most recent episode of the “Kliq This” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash discussed his diagnosis of skin cancer and the subsequent procedure for its removal.

“They say they’re going to make a hole and they’re gonna make sure they cut around and get all the cancer on the first take. I can smell they’re categorizing my fu**ing skin. I can smell my skin. They pull back and they show me this wound and then he takes a pin and makes this fu**ing crucifix on my face.”

“I’m 64 years old and all this damage was from when we were kids. I religiously go to the dermatologist every three months and have myself checked out. I know exactly why I have these problems. I’ve had several things cut off of me. It was the 25-plus years of laying in tanning beds in fu**ing New Jersey and Pennsylvania and everywhere else and had no sun because we had Monday Night Raw and there wasn’t an alternative. It wasn’t like spray tans or anything that were effective. When the tanning beds first came out, remember they were saying how they took the burning rays out of it. It was safer than the sun.”

“When that lady was looking at my face three or four weeks ago and she said, ‘I don’t remember that being there.’ I said, ‘You know what? I don’t either. I was wanting you to check that. She said, ‘Let me do a biopsy and we’ll send it off.’ It came back and it was cancerous. They said there’s like a basal cell, is what it is. It’s not really a fast growing cancer but it’s almost like a planter where it kind of has seeds. When it goes down and you hear that you’ve got cancer and they’re gonna have to do this procedure, all the sudden, all you want to do is live. That’s just your primal, mammal, instinctual survival bullsh*t that’s hardwired that you don’t realize is there.”


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