Report: Dragon Lee Called Up To Main Roster

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dragon Lee has officially joined the main roster, with the transition anticipated to be finalized shortly. His recent appearances across all three brands have marked this shift.

Furthermore, the report highlights that although there was always a plan to fast-track him to the main roster within a year, Dragon Lee’s notable work alongside Dominik Mysterio in NXT particularly impressed backstage officials.

“Dragon Lee did so well with Dominik that it looks like he’s now on the main roster. The nature of the deal he signed did indicate he’d be on the main roster after one year in NXT to begin with, but the match with Dominik may have sped up his timetable. He was legitimately debating between AEW and WWE last year when both made their offers and WWE did indicate main roster money in the deal for year two. Lee asked around and was told that AEW was oversaturated with talent and WWE would be best for him. In Mexico, a lot of people were looking at how Dragon Lee and Bandido, who started at similar times, did, respectively. Bandido was slowed down by injuries but at this point Lee is ahead.”

Photo Credit: WWE

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