Josh Alexander Has No Intentions Of Leaving IMPACT Wrestling

Josh Alexander finds contentment within IMPACT Wrestling, solidifying his status as one of its prominent figures. Consistently featuring in the main event since 2021, Alexander briefly secured the IMPACT World Championship in 2021 and reclaimed the title in 2022. Although he had to relinquish the championship in March 2023 due to injury, Alexander’s bond with IMPACT remains strong.

When queried about the possibility of wrestling elsewhere, Alexander shared his perspective with Cultaholic.

“I mean, I’m not really thinking about it because it would just stress me out to be honest. I know how much longer left here in IMPACT Wrestling on my current deal and I’m very happy here, i’ve been the flag bearer here for a little while, that’s kind of been the unofficial title put on me, especially when we do these media things and stuff like that. I’m happy to do it because I was a fan at 15 years old, I ordered that first pay-per-view and I never missed a pay-per-view after that because this company introduced me to all of these wrestlers that inspired me to get in the ring in the first place. I think I owe this company a little bit before doing that because I don’t think there would be a Josh Alexander if there was never a TNA on Wednesday Nights, that’s just the way it breaks down. It just comes the time, whenever the times comes that I have to look at what I’ve done in this wrestling industry as a whole, with IMPACT Wrestling as a whole, and see if there’s anything more I can do or if I’m valued. If not, maybe it’s time to try something else and achieve something else because I always want to be challenged, I always want to keep progressing. If I’m stagnant, that’s when I become miserable and that’s just the way my personality is. Right now, I’m super challenged, I want to get that IMPACT WORLD Championship back and not think about everything else because it’ll just cloud my mind and stress me out a little bit,”

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