Report: CM Punk Will Not Be At Survivor Series

More updates on CM Punk’s status have emerged, courtesy of Fightful Select.

Despite speculation surrounding a WWE return for CM Punk, sources within WWE, as of October 10, have refuted any claims of him signing with the company. According to Fightful’s conversations with WWE insiders, there are no ongoing discussions with Punk about a potential comeback. It’s emphasized that fans shouldn’t anticipate seeing him at Survivor Series this year.

While acknowledging the fluid nature of wrestling scenarios, WWE sources insist that, at present, there are no talks between Punk and the company. Fightful reported that Punk had informal discussions within WWE about how a return could be approached. A source close to Punk, in alignment with the report, suggested that Punk was waiting to see if WWE would initiate any discussions. However, attempts to reach Punk in the last week went unanswered by Fightful.

Amidst various teases and hints related to CM Punk, Fightful’s inquiries revealed that most of them are not pre-approved by WWE and might be wrestlers acting independently. Some WWE talent even suggested that these actions might be attempts to provoke or taunt CM Punk.

To emphasize, these insights are based on claims within WWE, coming from higher-ups in the company. While plans can change, negotiations may unfold, and circumstances evolve, as of the latest information, CM Punk’s return to WWE isn’t in the cards.

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