Tony Khan Takes A Shot At Triple H & Shawn Michaels Before The Tuesday Night War

Tony Khan is energized. According to a report from Nick Hausman at Haus of Wrestling, Triple H and Shawn Michaels are reportedly seeking to send a message to Tony Khan regarding Tuesday’s AEW Dynamite vs. NXT showdown.

In response, WWE is ramping up the stakes for Tuesday’s NXT, featuring appearances from John Cena, Paul Heyman, and Cody Rhodes, and dropping hints about a potential appearance by The Undertaker. The report indicates:

“Haus of Wrestling spoke with a fired-up WWE source close to NXT this morning who said tonight will be “a very clear example of how and why WWE is WWE, and why AEW has a long way to go.” They discussed how they felt AEW had been lulled into a false sense of reality that they were somehow an industry leader by continuing to beat WWE’s number three brand in viewership.

It also sounds as if there are lingering tensions from the infamous Wednesday Night War, with the idea that Tony Khan could have run Dynamite on Thursdays and the two would never have gone head-to-head. With Levesque now squarely back in control of WWE creative and Michaels taking pride in being the best, it was said Khan “poked the wrong ones at the wrong time.” The fact this is all happening on Khan’s 41st birthday was also pointed out to me, with it sounding like WWE NXT is fine spoiling his party.”

Tony Khan took to Twitter/X to send his own message to Triple H & Shawn Michaels.

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