Just 5 Guys New Member Revealed

Yuya Uemura makes his return from excursion as the newest member of Just 5 Guys. The man nicknamed “Heat Storm” returned at NJPW “DESTRUCTION in RYOGOKU” event being the “X” in the 6 man Tag Team match between Just 5 Guys and House of Torture. Yuya got the win for his team getting one over the HoT.

Yuya who was out on excursion mainly in the USA with IMPACT wrestling, however in storyline terms was fired due to securing a brief case from the “Feast or Fired” match where mutiple wrestler compete to secure 1 of 4 brief cases with 3 containg title oppertunities and the other 1 containg a Pink slip. Yuya was victim of this ending is run with Impact and JOYA tag team partner Joe Hendry. This markt also his end of his excursion with many people speculating when he would return. Yuya is now back with NJPW and already aiming high hoping to capture the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship.

He also later on stated that despite bing in the same faction as the World Champion SANADA, that he hoped SANADA hangs on to the title has he would like to challange him for it in the near future. If this will play out we will need to wait and see.

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