NOAH Announce the GHC Hardcore Championship “The White Belt” Re-Activated.

NOSAWA Rongai made a surprise appearance at the beginning of Pro Wrestling NOAH “MONDAY MAGIC ep1” event to unveil the revival of the “GHC White Belt” known as the GHC Hardcore Championship, a championship that had remained inactive since 2009.

He announced that on the upcoming October 23 show, the GHC Hardcore Championship would be resurrected, with an exciting twist: the title would be open for challenges from competitors outside of NOAH and will be open to all weight classes regardless of size.

After the opening match on today’s NOAH card, Ninja Mack stepped forward to declare his intention to vie for the GHC Hardcore Championship, though his opponent for the match is yet to be determined.

The GHC Hardcore title while it has been defended under Hardcore/Deathmatch rules NOAH are not usualy into that style of wrestling so the term Hardcore in this case was original ment to represent a battle of endurance and taking on all challagnes. With was NOSAWA stated this seems to be still the case but could also open it up to more unique match rules and could end up neing defended in differnt promotions as well. While still unclear how it will work it will be an intresting topic to follow.

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