NJPW “Fighting Spirit Unleashed” More Matches Added

Since the last updated on the “Fighting Spirit Unleashed” show, a lot of things have taken place and thus have shpaed up new match ups which have now been added to the card. As previously mentioned all 3 NJPW STRONG titles will be defended on the show. Now the Champions and challangers have been set. In addition to this 3 more matches have been announced making it 6 matches added and confirmed joing the 2 full announced matches that have already been reveal last time. The Night promises to be a star-studded extravaganza at Las Vegas’ Sam’s Town on the weekend of Halloween, featuring CMLL’s brightest star alongside STRONG Openweight and Women’s matches. As if that weren’t enough, the excitement continues to grow with the announcement of four additional colossal bouts for this extraordinary evening!

First we will start with the 3 STRONG title matches with the first being the NJPW STRONG Openweight Championship match which is now official as Champion Eddie Kingston who is also the ROH World Champion at the time of writing, will defend against United Empier’s ‘Face of Fury’ HENARE. Ever since their intense clash during the G1 Climax 33 this past summer, HENARE has been relentless in his pursuit of a rematch with Eddie Kingston. He has repeatedly emphasized that he’s lived the life that Kingston has held in high regard as a longtime fan of Japanese wrestling. Their rivalry escalated when HENARE launched an unprovoked attack on Kingston during the G1 Climax 33 semifinals in Ryogoku. Kingston didn’t take the assault lightly, and a swift retaliation ensued the following night.

Following a backstage brawl that took them from Sumo Hall to Las Vegas, challenges were issued for their showdown, with the lingering question of whether the STRONG Openweight Championship would be on the line. To HENARE’s dismay, Kingston accepted numerous championship matches before agreeing to face the United Empire member. In hindsight, Kingston’s AEW Grand Slam battle against Claudio Castagnoli only adds to the intrigue of this upcoming encounter for the Maori Warrior. Kingston’s victory in New York turned him into the dual champion, holding both the NJPW STRONG and ROH World Championships. Furthermore, he elevated the prestige of the STRONG championship with a successful defense against Katsuyori Shibata at AEW’s Wrestle Dream event. Although only the STRONG Openweight title is at stake in Las Vegas, a victory would mark HENARE’s first singles championship in NJPW and set him on a promising path towards the ROH championship as well.

In a matchup officially set for Vegas, Giulia will put her STRONG Women’s Championship on the line against HYAN. Hailing from the vibrant Texas wrestling scene, HYAN has been rapidly expanding her presence on the international stage, with notable appearances in the UK. Now, she aims to topple an international sensation, the leader of Donna Del Mondo. Following four successful title defenses within the STARDOM rings in Japan and at Multiverse United 2 in the United States, Giulia, often referred to as the epitome of “beautiful insanity,” is back on American soil. She is prepared to face what could be her most formidable challenge yet in the highly skilled HYAN.

As mentioned, the NJPW STRONG Openweight Tag Team Championships are up for grabs as the newly-crowned champions, El Phantasmo and Hikuleo, face off against the formidable duo known as ‘Murder Sauce,’ comprised of Lance Archer and Alex Zayne. Archer and Zayne joined forces for the first time at Independence Day in July. Despite some initial reservations, particularly when Archer was seen utilizing Zayne as a human weapon, they quickly proved to be a formidable team, leaving a lasting impact, including a significant victory over TMDK’s Bad Dude Tito and Kosei Fujita. Now, they step up to challenge for the STRONG Tag titles, setting the stage for a compelling stylistic clash. This contest pits two teams, one featuring towering giants and the other boasting dynamic and agile athletes, promising an intriguing showdown on paper.

The first of the 3 none title matches added will be a singles showdown, we’ll witness another former STRONG Openweight Champion, Filthy Tom Lawlor, going head-to-head with the tenacious Gabe Kidd of the War Ready. In the backdrop of last October’s NJPW STRONG’s Autumn Action at Sam’s Town Live, a loose alliance took shape between Lawlor’s Team Filthy and BULLET CLUB as they united against common adversaries. However, it’s worth noting that this occurred during the reign of Jay White in BULLET CLUB, and the landscape has shifted significantly in the era of the War Dogs. Gabe Kidd possesses a fearless, combative spirit, and he’s never one to back down from a challenge, no matter where it comes from. Yet, the question remains whether he might have taken on more than he can handle when squaring off against a seasoned veteran like Lawlor.

Adding to the exciting lineup in will be a No.1 Contenders match for the championship that Eddie Kingston and HENARE are eagerly fighting for on the show, the next challenger for the title will be determined before the night is through. A four-way match is set to feature former champion Fred Rosser, the formidable Imperial Unit Jeff Cobb, the renowned living icon Satoshi Kojima, and the rising star Alex Coughlin. The question that looms is: Who among these contenders will emerge as the rightful challenger for the STRONG title?

Last match added so far is due to what happned at “DESTRUCTION in RYOGOKU” show as it solidified the main event for Wrestle Kingdom 18, setting the stage for a highly-anticipated showdown at the Tokyo Dome on January 4. This monumental clash will feature Tetsuya Naito challenging the reigning IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, SANADA. Sumo Hall also witnessed the official return of Yuya Uemura & joining the Just Five Guys faction. Now Uemura is set to proudly represent J5G as he teams up with SANADA to face Naito who will join forces with IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Hiromu Takahashi, forming a dynamic duo that promises an explosive tag team match with main event-level intensity.

Below is the Full Card of matches announced so far (Match card order not yet set):

-8-man Tag Team Match: Atlantis, Mistico, Hiroshi Tanahashi & Atlantis Jr vs. Rocky Romero, Tiger Mask, Soberano Jr. & Adrian Quest

  • Tag Team Match: Lluvia & Johnnie Robbie vs. Stephanie Vaquer & Zeuxis
  • NJPW STRONG Openweight Championship Match: Eddie Kingston (C) vs HENARE
  • NJPW STRONG Women’s Championship Match: Giulia (C) vs HYAN
  • NJPW STRONG Tag Team Championship Match: El Phantasmo & Hikuleo (Guerrillas of Destiny) (C) vs Alex Zayne & Lance Archer (Monster Sauce)
  • Tom Lawlor vs Gabe Kidd
  • NJPW STRONG Openweight Title No.1 Contender 4 Way Match: Fred Rosser vs Jeff Cobb vs Satoshi Kojima vs Alex Coughlin
  • Tag Team Match: SANADA & Yuya Uemura (Just 5 Guys) vs Tetsuya Naito & Hirmou Takahashi (LIJ)

You can catch “Fighting Spirit Unleashed” October 28 Sam’s Town Live & watch live in English on FITE!

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