Tony Khan Claims WWE “Made It Personal” When They Attempted To Tamper With AEW Talents When His Mom Was In The Hospital

Tony Khan’s recent tweets and jabs at WWE have sparked discussions throughout the week, especially leading up to the NXT and AEW Dynamite showdown. Following the release of ratings, Khan continued to leverage the numbers for more commentary and promotion.

While some view Tony’s tweets as part of the wrestling rivalry, others question the extent to which he has taken it. Tony revealed on Friday morning that it became personal when he had to handle calls from AEW talent alleging WWE contract tampering. These calls occurred during a challenging time when Tony’s mother was in the hospital, fighting for her life.

Last year, Tony Khan shared that his mom suffered strokes between All Out and Grand Slam, and during this period, he received a call from William Regal expressing a desire to return to WWE.

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