Major Big E Injury Update

Kofi Kingston provided an update on his friend and New Day partner, Big E, mentioning that he’s nearly at full recovery.

Big E had been sidelined since sustaining fractures to his C1 and C6 vertebrae on the March 11, 2022, SmackDown. While doctors anticipate a complete recovery, the uncertainty surrounding his in-ring future persists.

Kingston, speaking to the Toronto Sun, shared that Big E is leading a normal life and actively lifting weights, expressing optimism as Big E approaches a full recovery.

“As far as his injury is concerned, my main thing is that he has his health and I’m so happy that he’s doing so well, physically and mentally, because I can only imagine what an injury like that, as severe as the one that he suffered to his neck, he fractured his C1 and his C6 in a couple of places and to not have surgery, there was no misalignment, he really is almost back to 100%, feeling-wise. 

“He’s able to live everyday life and he’s able to lift weights, which is a big part of his life, too. It could have been a lot worse. I’m just happy that he is able to live his life with a level of happiness and health.

“Whether he comes back, I think we all have to just kind of wait and see what happens and I think a lot of people would be really stoked to see him out there again, but if not, then that’s OK, too.

“We’ll all kind of find out together what the situation is. But again, my main concern is that he has his health and I’m just happy that he never needed any kind of surgery or anything like that to live a healthy life.”

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