Hiromu Takahashi defeats Fujita Hayato Jr in a Dream Encounter

In the main event of Michinoku Pro-Wrestling’s 30th Anniversary Part 2 at the Yahaba City General Gymnasium in Iwate. Hiromu Takahashi from New Japan Pro Wrestling secured a remarkable victory over Fujita “Jr” Hayato (29:04) with his TIME BOMB II finishing move.

Following the intense showdown, the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion and the Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champion shared a heartfelt moment in the ring, displaying their deep respect and genuine friendship. Hayato, who has bravely battled and conquered cancer while continuing to perform in the wrestling ring, received the highest praise from Hiromu. He stated, “Hayato, who risks his life in the pursuit of this fight, is the most incredible individual in the entire universe.”

In response, Hayato expressed his determination, saying, “I fought my way back from a life in a wheelchair because I yearned for this match with you. It’s highly uncharacteristic of me to lose to such an exceptional competitor, so I’m resolved to keep pursuing you and won’t retire until I secure a victory.” Hayato added, “I’m genuinely elated that I had the opportunity to compete in a match that stirs such profound emotions,” underscoring his admiration for Hiromu. Their mutual respect and the display of their unbreakable spirits left a lasting impression on the wrestling community.

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