NEVER Openweight Championship match added to “Fighting Spirit Unleached”

Another thrilling championship clash has officially been added to the Fighting Spirit Unleashed event. Tama Tonga is set to defend his NEVER Openweight Championship against the fierce Shingo Takagi.

During this year’s G1 tournament, a highly anticipated match between Tama and Takagi ended in a time limit draw after an intense 20-minute battle. Both competitors acknowledged that their business was far from settled. While Tama went on to secure the NEVER Openweight title in a grueling match against David Finlay at Ryogoku, he made it clear that he needed to finish what he and the Dragon had started.

Meanwhile, Shingo Takagi delivered an instant classic on October 14 when he faced Tomohiro Ishii in London. Takagi’s celebration was short-lived, as Tama wasted no time in confronting the victorious Takagi, eager to settle the score. Takagi proposed Las Vegas as the ideal location for their showdown, and now we have a confirmed date and venue. Given their recent displays of unwavering determination, this upcoming match on October 28 at Sam’s Town Live promises to be an unforgettable match for fans which could steal the show.

Author: Rohit Singh Karir

Published by One Stop Wrestling

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