Three more Matches added to “Power Struggle 2023”

After the fallout of “Royal Quest III” 3 more matches have been made official for NJPW “POWER STRUGGLE 2023” at EDION Arena Osaka on November 4th. You can find these matches below.

  • Great-O-Khan vs. Jon Moxley
  • Tanga Loa vs. David Finlay
  • IWGP US/UK Heavyweight Championship Match: Will Ospreay (C) vs. Shota Umino

Tanga Loa vs David Finlay is another match in the ongoing Bullet Club War Dogs vs Guerrillas of Destiny saga and will no doubt be hard hitting. This might be Tanga Loa’s biggest singles match in NJPW outside G1 or NJ Cup matches. For Finlay, this is a chance to get some payback against Tama Tonga and GoD after he lost the NEVER title to Tama Tonga.

As for the other 2 matches, Will Ospreay who was successful defending against Zack Sabre Jr at Royal Quest, asked for who is next to step up. Out came Shota Umino to answer Ospreay’s request. However, Ospreay at first not pleased by the credentials of Umino decided to accept Umino as his next challenger under 1 condition. That condition lead us to the other added match which was in exchange for Umino getting a shot as Ospreay for the IWGP UK (US) championship, United Empier stable mate Great-O-Khan could get a match against AEW’s Jon Moxley. Umino accepted and NJPW made the matches.

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