YOH Tag Partner for “SUPER Jr TAG LEAGUE 2023” Revealed

New Japan’s YOH appears in the ring this afternoon at Michinoku Pro-Wrestling 30th Anniversary Part 2 in Yahaba City, Iwate. However, YOH’s presence in the arena was not solely to spectate. During the intermission, YOH made a surprise appearance as a special guest of the promotion, taking the microphone to address the audience. Among those in attendance was MUSASHI, a local favorite and a 13-year veteran of M-Pro, who was busy signing autographs. YOH called out MUSASHI’s name, and with a grin, MUSASHI quipped, ‘Nice to meet you – but this isn’t our first encounter, is it?’ As the story unfolded, it became clear that both YOH and MUSASHI had backgrounds in high school amateur wrestling.

Thanks to a connection between their respective coaches, they had crossed paths numerous times and even shared accommodations during high school wrestling meets. These connections forged years ago were now about to yield dividends, as YOH, in need of a tag team partner due to Lio Rush’s absence due to illness, found a promising alternative in the M-Pro star. How will YOH and MUSASHI perform in the Super Jr. Tag League? The answer awaits us as the competition kicks off on Saturday, October 21!

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