AJPW: Aoyagi retains Triple Crown against Miyahara & Nakajima makes a surprise appearance

Yuma Aoyagi’s impressive reign as the AJPW Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion continues after a hard-fought battle against Kento Miyahara in the headline match of today’s All Japan Pro Wrestling “Flag Raising Commemoration Series 2023” held at Tokyo’s Korakuen Hall. Aoyagi managed to secure the victory by pinning his NEXTREAM partner(29:48), concluding the intense contest with THE FOOL. This triumphant defense allowed Aoyagi to maintain possession of his championship title (V5).

Following this high-stakes showdown, the crowd witnessed an unexpected twist when Katsuhiko Nakajima made a surprise appearance. Nakajima approached Miyahara, clutching a bouquet of flowers, and said, “I brought this because I thought you would win.” However, the mood quickly shifted as Nakajima used the bouquet of flowers to strike Miyahara, exclaiming, “What are you doing?!” He then exited the venue, leaving behind only a brief comment, “I simply came to offer my support. No, there’s nothing more to it.”

This surley will have fan speculating even more if Nakajima is heading to All Japan or is it actually like Nakajima said, that he came to support a firend and rival and that all. As for the champ Aoyagi and the defeated Miyahara, they will be trying to shift focus back to teaming together as they a set to team for the AJPW “World’s Strongest Tag Determination League 2023” AKA “Real World Tag League” which is set to kick off next month.

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