Saki Akai Last Singles Match Announced

DDT Pro Wrestling has officially announced Saki Akai, in her final singles match before retirement. She will face the current DDT EXTREME Champion, Kazuki Hirata, in a non-title contest on November 3. This monumental showdown is set to take place at the “Road to Ultimate Party 2023 in SHINJUKU” show, which will be hosted at the Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo.

Furthermore, following their triumphant defense (V5) in Sapporo this past weekend, Eruption, comprising Akai, Yukio Sakaguchi, and Hideki Okatani, will relinquish the KO-D Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Titles on November 12 at the DDT “Ultimate Party 2023” event at Ryogoku Sumo Hall in Tokyo. Interestingly, this is the same day that Akai will have her retirement match, alongside Sakaguchi and Okatani, as they face off against Kazusada Higuchi, Miyu Yamashita, and Naomichi Marufuji.

The search for new KO-D 6-man tag champions will kick off with a one-day tournament a few days later, specifically on November 16, during the DDT “GET ALIVE 2023 TOUR in SHINJUKU” event. The participating teams and further details for this championship contest are yet to be announced.

On a separate note, the AJPW TV 6-Man Tag Team Titles are also in the spotlight as Eruption is scheduled to defend these belts in All Japan coming up soon. Their challengers will be Suwama, Mayumi Ozaki, and Maya Yukihi, and this showdown is part of the AJPW “Flag Raising Commemoration Series 2023” event, which will take place at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo. Saki Akai stated she wanted to hang onto both championship until see retires, and as long as they continue to keep the belts it seems like she will be able to accomplish her final goal in Pro Wrestling.

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