Inaugural Champion of the revived GHC Hardcore Championship Crowned

At the Pro Wrestling NOAH event “MONDAY MAGIC ep2” held at Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo, Masato Tanaka etched his name in history as he became the inaugural champion of the resurrected GHC Hardcore Championship.

In an unexpected twist, the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion emerged as the surprise opponent to face the self-appointed first challenger, Ninja Mack, in a pivotal championship match. Tanaka displayed his mastery in the ring, ultimately defeating the ‘Kamikaze Ninja’ with a Sliding D executed with a chair (15:19), thus claiming the coveted white belt.

Following this hard-fought battle, Tanaka, true to his fighting spirit, declared his readiness to accept all challengers. He issued an open challenge to anyone eager to step up and vie for the Hardcore Title, urging them to be well-prepared for the intense competition that lay ahead.

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