The Great Muta makes an Appearance

In a momentous return, the enigmatic ‘Dweller of the Demon World,’ The Great Muta, emerged into the real world after an extended absence during Pro Wrestling NOAH’s “MONDAY MAGIC ep2” held at Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo.

Muta made his entrance wearing the same distinctive tuxedo that he donned when he was honored with induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. The event’s ambassador, Funky Kato, summoned Muta into the ring. Upon receiving the microphone, Muta unleashed his signature poison mist, drenching Kato and leaving him in distress. Without uttering a single word, Muta then retrieved a spray can and inscribed what appeared to be the Japanese character for “daughter” (娘 = Musume) onto the canvas before making his exit from the ring. The Great Muta’s eerie presence left an indelible mark on the event.

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