Jake Lee defeated, Kenoh the new GHC Heavweight Champion

In the main event of Pro Wrestling NOAH “DEMOLITION STAGE 2023 in FUKUOKA,” Kenoh accomplished a massive feat. He put an end to Jake Lee’s remarkable championship reign by forcing him to submit with the deadly Kenoh Special (29:47). With this impressive victory, Kenoh emerged as the new GHC Heavyweight Champion, marking a significant shift in the title’s landscape. This marks Kenoh’s 3rd title reign with an avrage first reign and a second reign which ended in 0 defences, Kenoh hopes to have better luck with his 3rd reign. After all 3rd times the charm as they say.

Following this momentous match, Kenoh’s former Kongo partner, Manabu Soya, stepped forward to issue the first challenge for the GHC Title, setting the stage for an exciting future in the world of professional wrestling. Kenoh hopes to see and bring a better view for NOAH and hopes to make the GHC Heavyweight Championship even more important and prestigous.

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