Major NXT Call Up To Happen On Raw Tonight 10/30

In a recent development, it’s been reported that former NXT Tag Team Champions, The Creed Brothers, are poised for a significant move to the WWE main roster.

Tonight’s Raw (October 30) is slated to mark their debut as they face Alpha Academy in tag action. The evolving relationship between NXT and the main roster has seen increased flexibility, with talents crossing over occasionally.

However, for Julius and Brutus Creed, this could signify a more permanent transition. According to insights from Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, unless there are alterations to the current trajectory, a full-time call-up for The Creed Brothers appears imminent.

“I was told (Sunday night) that right now, barring any changes – not like it’s 100%, but right now – they’re being called up.”

Photo Credit: WWE

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