Katsuhiko Nakajima wins the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship

Katsuhiko Nakajima has made a resounding impact in All Japan Pro Wrestling, securing the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship in a thrilling contest against Yuma Aoyagi. This momentous victory marks a significant turning point in the wrestling world‼️ Nakajima came in by stroming the All Japan Office and demanding a title match as he want to take over AJPW and has promised he has done so.

Nakajima, a former two-time GHC Heavyweight Champion, recently departed from NOAH to become a free agent just last month. In the main event of the AJPW “Giant Series 2023 Hokkaido Edition,” held at Hotel Emisia Sapporo in Shin-Sapporo, Nakajima conquered Aoyagi in a dramatic showdown. He secured the championship by pinning the ‘Rockstar’ via an emphatic Sasaki-style Northern Lights Bomb (24:16), executed after a punishing Vertical Spike.

Following the match, Kento Miyahara stepped up to issue a challenge, setting the stage for an electrifying showdown. He will face Nakajima for the Triple Crown on the grand stage of AJPW’s “MANIAx2023” event, scheduled for New Year’s Eve, December 31, at Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo. The wrestling world eagerly anticipates this colossal clash especialy after the cross pomotional match earlier this year which is considered by many a MOTY contender. This encounter is sure to be fireworks and both will once again go to war and leave everything in the ring.

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