Saraya Advised Ruby Soho To Delete Her Social Media After Fans Attacked Her Online

While Saraya has been relatively quiet on social media in the past month, she typically engages with fans commenting on her matches when active.

Currently on a social media cleanse, she advised Ruby Soho to consider a similar break after a recent match.

“Right now, I have a social media clense where I completely take it off my phone. I don’t read the comments. I don’t see girls that look ten times better than me. I don’t see that kind of stuff. I try to avoid it. That’s a big part of it. The environment you put yourself in, the crew you have around you. You can have people who bring you down or you can have people that elevate you. Those are the people I like to be around, we all elevate each other. Social media is hell. The devil. Just take it off your phone. I had to say to my girl Ruby the other day. She did a wrestling match, and the wrestling community online can be very unforgiving, and they can be mean for no reason. They were just attacking her and she was texting me about it. ‘They’re just destroying us.’ ‘Delete it off your phone then it doesn’t exist.’ You feel a lot better when you don’t have it on your phone,” she said on The Cruz Show.

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