Details On Why Jim Ross Is Taking Time Away From AEW

Jim Ross is set to take a break for recovery.
A familiar face on the AEW Collision broadcast team, Jim Ross, who occasionally participates in AEW Dynamite tapings and pay-per-views, revealed on the recent episode of Grilling JR that he will be stepping back temporarily.

The decision comes as he deals with an ongoing leg wound, and the hiatus aims to facilitate his healing process.

“I’m gonna take some time off, starting this week. I’m not gonna be in [Oakland]. But my doctor believes that if I take a few weeks off, I’m not sure how many, we’ll see, it’s gotta heal, that being off an airplane for a few weeks will be good for my leg to heal, so what’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna take a few weeks off. I’m not gonna be on TV for a while until I can navigate the waters a little bit and get in that deep water. 

“I’m gonna take some time off to get my leg to heal. I’ve been suffering with this shit for almost two years. How much good barbecue can a country boy eat? So somewhere along the way, I gotta turn the corner and get better. I’m not in a great deal of pain except when I get to the city I’m flying to, my leg swells up like a cantaloupe, and it hurts like hell. So I want to try to not travel, see how that affects me, and go from there. So I’ll be missing for a couple weeks. I’ll keep everybody posted here.”

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