Jeff Jarrett Undergoes Surgery

Jeff Jarrett undergoes dental surgery. Despite a storied career spanning decades with over 80 championships, this marks the first time Jarrett has required surgery due to an injury sustained in the wrestling ring. However, an immediate dental procedure became essential as a molar needed removal. Given Jarrett’s busy schedule with AEW, it was deemed necessary not to postpone the procedure any longer than required.

“I had woke up yesterday morning, it kind of bothered me through the weekend, but I had a very very back molar that had to go. I never had a cavity in my life. I always had good luck there. It was just a tooth had to go. I had an implant put in. We talked root canal and all kinds of stuff and [the dentist], ‘What’s your schedule this week?’ I said, ‘Oh, I fly to Portland, Oregon tomorrow.’ He said. ‘Okay, when you get back from that. I said, ‘Oh I’m not sure about this weekend. It’s very possible I could go to Oakland. Not real sure’ He said, ‘What about next week?’ I said, ‘Oh, that’d be Ontario and LA.’ We know each other well, and he goes, ‘So, you don’t have anything really in the foreseeable future?’ I said no and I said, ‘Let’s go for it. Just get it out,’ and he said, ‘Are you up for it?’ I said, Let’s do a whole ball of wax,” said Double J on his My World podcast.

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