WWE Expected To Make More Budget Cuts

Following the news of WWE’s acquisition by The Endeavor Group and the proposed merger of WWE and UFC to form a new publicly traded entity, concerns arose about potential talent releases and employee layoffs.

Shortly after the acquisition announcement, Endeavor COO Mark Shapiro indicated that employee layoffs were anticipated due to Endeavor’s existing personnel capable of handling certain functions in WWE departments.

In September, it was reported that over 100 WWE employees faced cuts due to overlapping roles. Additionally, talent cuts were made, significantly impacting both the main roster and NXT.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer highlighted information from the TKO earnings call, stating that further cuts on the corporate side were expected.

“The company noted that there will be a great decrease in expenses in eliminating jobs in IT, marketing, finance, human resources and legal when it comes to overlapping personnel in UFC and WWE who can do those jobs for both companies. They expect to save $50 million to $100 million, and the figure was said to be expected to be the high end of this range, with 75 percent of the savings being on the books for 2024.”

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