Kairi Sane Forgives Bayley On Smackdown 11/10

Bayley shared her concerns about Kairi Sane joining Damage CTRL on the November 10 episode of WWE SmackDown, given their past history when Bayley played a role in Kairi leaving WWE in 2020.

IYO SKY and Dakota Kai defended the decision, stating that adding Kairi strengthens the group. Kairi expressed forgiveness toward Bayley and acknowledged her as the leader of Damage CTRL. Despite Bayley mentioning she doesn’t hug anymore, Kairi, IYO, and Dakota initiated a hug session with Bayley.

Bianca Belair intervened, highlighting Damage CTRL’s growing list of enemies. This led to Charlotte Flair and Asuka coming out, setting up a six-woman tag team main event. Asuka, who hadn’t wrestled on the main roster since WWE Fastlane, joined forces with Kairi, both being former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

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